District Postsecondary Success Rubric

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Seven focus areas graphic: number 1 - shared postsecondary vision, plan & framework, number 2 - postsecondary data systems & structures, number 3 - continuous improvement cycles, number 4 - adult capacity building, number 5 - institutional partnerships, number 6 - student supports and advising programs, number 7 - aligned human and financial capital. Core areas are those practices that must be in place in order to achieve comprehensive improvements in postsecondary outcomes. We encourage districts to focus on improving Core Areas before addressing Secondary Areas in order to ensure a strong foundation for success across all areas.

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Scoring Guidelines:

Consider your district's position and efforts with regard to each category.

Select the indicators that most align with your district's current state. Select only one per level per indicator. 

For each section, select your district's overall score based on the majority of your responses across the indicators within that focus area. For example, if you selected mostly "practicing" indicators, select "practicing" for that section. 
Helpful resources: 

Shared Postsecondary Vision, Plan & Framework:


Beginning Practicing Persisting

Post-secondary Data Systems & Structures:

District executes postsecondary improvement cycles with fidelity that lead to practice changes

Beginning Practicing Persisting

Continuous Improvement Cycles:

Adult Capacity Building

Beginning Practicing Persisting

Adult Capacity Building:

Student Supports & Advising Programming

Beginning Practicing Persisting

Student Support & Advising Programming:

Institutional Partnerships

Beginning Practicing Persisting

Institutional Partnerships:

Aligned Human & Financial Capital

Beginning Practicing Persisting

Aligned Human & Financial Capital: